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Master key systems:

I can create a “master key” system which will allow a top master key to open all doors within the system. This allows the “Boss” to carry only one key to open all doors. The lower level keys, known as “change keys” will only open the individual doors to which they are assigned. Systems can be designed as a “simple system” or a more complex system can be set up. We will discuss the needs of your company and proceed from there.

Keyless Access:

Many times “keyless access” is desired to reduce the need for carrying keys altogether. There are several good digital options available that allow numerical codes to be used to gain entry. Technology has brought us mechanical locks with computer brains that are surprisingly affordable.

High Security Keys:

High security locks are designed to resist “picking” and “by pass” methods of entry. They also offer great key control. You can’t get copies made at the hardware stores, thus protecting the security of your building.

File and Desk Keys:

Locking desks and file cabinets are becoming more popular in order to limit access to confidential information. These locks range form average security to very high security depending on your needs. We have solutions.

Safe Servicing:

All safe locks require occasional maintenance. Dust, grime and moisture will result in a safe that is hard to open and eventually may fail to open. Proper cleaning and inspection will help avoid a “lock out.” I always recommend scheduled maintenance and definitely advise that if you are having any problems getting your safe open that you have the safe maintained immediately. If for some reason it is not opening, call me ASAP. The more you try to get it open, the more damage may be done to the internal parts. We will discuss the options and costs.

Safe Cracking:

If you’ve lost your safe combination or the safe lock has malfunctioned, I can help you get in. I can also service safes that are not working smoothly or are giving you problems.