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Deadbolt Installation:

Door knobs and lever sets only offer a limited amount of security and often times can be defeated with a credit card. Dead bolt locks offer much more security. The bolt protrudes farther into the door frame and can’t be forcibly retracted. Adding dead bolts will give you much more security and may even lead to lowering your home owners insurance. And when bad guys are casing your neighborhood, seeing that you have dead bolts is a tremendous deterrent.


No need to buy all new locks just because you lost your keys or feel that you have too many keys floating around and not sure who has access to your house. I will re-pin your locks to a different key, and I will inspect your locks as I do so. If you have a damaged or excessively worn lock, I will discuss your options before I proceed.

Mailbox Keys:

I can duplicate keys for outside (NBU) boxes, but not for boxes inside the Post Office. Those are done only by the postal service.

Glass Door Locks:

Sliding patio doors are an easy target for thieves. I sell and install locks that will increase security and are easy to use.

Lock Outs:

I can get you in, but I will need to see a photo ID as well as something inside the house that proves that you have a right to be in there, such as a utility bill with your name on it, or even your picture on the wall will do.

Safe Cracking:

If you’ve lost your safe combination or the safe lock has malfunctioned, I can help you get in. I can also service safes that are not working smoothly or are giving you problems.