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Car Locksmith

Vehicle Lockouts:

If you are locked out of your car, you naturally would like to get it opened as soon as possible. I try to respond as quickly as I can, and keep my prices as competitive as possible. Don’t be surprised if I ask to see your license and registration, to confirm that you have the right to be in this vehicle.

Residential Lockouts:

Pretty much the same as vehicle lockouts, I definitely will need to see ID and something inside the house to prove that you have the right to be in there. A utility bill with your name on it; your picture on the wall, etc.

Re-key Locks:

No need to buy NEW locks just because you have lost your keys or have too many keys out and want to regain key control. I will re-pin your existing lock to a new key and inspect your locks as I go. If you have a worn or damaged lock, I will discuss your options with you.

Fit keys:

If you have lost your keys and only need to get a new key, I will fit a key to operate that lock without changing it to a new key. Residential, commercial, vehicles, etc.


I change safe combinations; service safes that are not working as they should; and even “crack safes” when the combination has been lost, or the safe lock has malfunctioned. I install new safe locks when needed and can upgrade your safe to a DIGITAL lock if you desire.